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LEGENDS Pullover: Serialized 1/4 zip pullover with your membership number on the sleeve and the LEGENDS logo on front. The LEGENDS Never Die pullover is 100% polyester wicking knit with true hue technology. ($53 worth of Merch on initial item!) Use the code "legends" at checkout for free shipping. 


These are the perks you get on day two and for the rest of your life:


  • Shout Out: Your name and hometown will be printed in every future book in the LEGENDS Never Die Membership section.

  • Discount: 15% off all future LEGENDS Universe Merch purchases - You will receive your own personalized coupon code.

  • Goodies: Other hidden perks along the way including exclusive access to future content and the ability to communicate directly with LEGENDS Universe creator, Joe Field.



If Paul Bunyan became a writer: That's Joe Field.


Field is the creator of the LEGENDS Universe and author of Arrowhead Legends and Skoldrun Legends. These book series feature Axel Holt, Gabby Oaks, Roscoe Boone, Mack Sawyer, Dakota Briggs, and Zoë Wind as they fight for their lives against notorious villains. 

Readers of Field's books include middle grade kids, young adults, and the young at heart (aka fun adults).

Field is proud to be a native son of his beloved Minnesota

Chop Suey!

Joe Field



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