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The country of Arrowhead Nation is set in modern-day earth but is largely isolated from the rest of the world due to a totalitarian Supreme Leader and national government. Arrowhead’s primary trading partner is the city-state country of Finnska, which is ruled by a tyrannical warlock and is located a short journey across the Hackensack Sea from Arrowhead.


Named after the shape of its land formation, Arrowhead is surrounded by the Hackensack Sea on its south and east borders, the great Gitche Ocean on its west, and the White Earth Tundra to the north. The country is made up of four states, each roughly the same size. The states were named after their directional location in Arrowhead: Superior North, Sierra West, Bayou South, and Capital East. Cutting diagonally across the country from top to bottom is the Hodag Mountain range, which creates a natural divide between Superior North and Sierra West from Capital East and Bayou South.


Superior North is a rugged snow-covered land, known for its logging in the Sawbill Forest, and its mining in the Taconite Caves. Sierra West is a hot and dry climate full of gunslingers, snakes, and scorpions, with a large shipping port at Devil’s Point. Bayou South is mostly composed of crocodile-filled wetlands, but on the western part of the state there is the infamous coyote desert. Capital East is home to the nation’s capital, Zenith City, as well as the Mahtowa farmland which produces most of the country’s food supply.


Each state government is led by an elected governor and protected by a sheriff. They report directly to the national government in Zenith City, which is led by the Supreme Leader. Differing priorities and concentration of resources has left many of the local leaders and citizens at odds with Zenith City. The tension has manifested into a power struggle that will test the country and its citizens to their very core.

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