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In the land of Skoldrun, people live in a time where everyone carries rune blasters, and they are essential to survival. Some people are killed by those blasters. Although this system of justice is informal and offhand, it has been for many of years, the accepted manner of settling disputes.

In a world where everyone carries blasters, some people are more skillful than others. Some have dexterity in handling a blaster, others a mastery of the rune commands. Some have unmatched huzza that makes their blasts unstoppable, but only a rare few have steely-eyes that don’t blink in the face of incoming attacks. Face someone who possesses all of these skills and you won’t be long for this world. Yet, if you win a few duels with a blaster, a person can make a name for themselves.

In Skoldrun, where you are either born as a Yokal (the working class) or a Rangatir (the elite class), a third class has risen: the Drockers. Emerge as the victor in three or four duels and you are certain to be considered a Drocker. Prove that you are untouchable with a blaster and people will start to call you a Master Drocker.

From Skybo to Razorton, Pawtiki to Tiflburg, Drockers use their blasters to earn their copper coins. A lucrative bounty here, a vulnerable Jawn boat there, and a Drocker can piece together a size-able income, some may even call it a small fortune. Master Drockers know it’s enough money to live comfortably and on your own terms anywhere in Skoldrun.

Of course, not everyone champions the way of the Drockers. In fact, most Yokals and Rangatirs favor a new way of living. A world that is governed by law and order. A world without the rough and tumble Drockers creating fear and chaos throughout the clans.

Because of these sentiments, the life of a Drocker carries a certain type of risk. A Drocker rises with the sun not knowing if they will see it set. This eternal state of unease would make any Drocker seek the spiritual guidance of Gitchie Manitou before they walk the Path of Souls.

But, with this risk comes the satisfaction of knowing a Master Drocker’s name is whispered in all the halls, around all the campfires, and on all the Jawn boats in Skoldrun. As Yokals and Rangatirs alike sip on their Wiccup and tell tales of their time, surely the mightiest of Drockers are forefront on their tongues. And, whether the tales are true or not, that is how in the world of Skoldrun, one can become a legend.

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