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Get to know some of the featured characters in the LEGENDS Universe.
Axel Holt


Disgraced former sheriff and notorious bounty hunter of Superior North.

Trained By: Paul Bunyan

Skills: Superhuman tracking skills; ability to shift size to be as large as Paul Bunyan; cold weather has no effect on him

Weapons: Paul Bunyan's legendary axe; machete knife; rope; hand-to-hand combat

Kill Phrase: "Chop Suey!" 

Vehicle of Choice: Snowmobile named Fireball 

Home State: Superior North in Arrowhead Nation 

Featured In: Axel Holt and Axel Holt for Kids

Merch: T-shirt, Stickers

Gabby Oaks


Hard charging and wildly popular sheriff of Sierra West.

Trained By: Pecos Bill

Skills: Eagle-eye vision and remarkable reflexes; expert gunslinger at both short and long distances; extraordinary abilities with a lasso; hot weather has no effect on her

Weapons: Pecos Bill's lever action repeater rifle; dual six shooters; lasso

Kill Phrase: "Gadzooks!"

Vehicle of Choice: ATV named Black Betty 

Home State: Sierra West in Arrowhead Nation 

Featured In: Gabby Oaks and Gabby Oaks for Kids

Merch: T-shirt, Stickers

RoscoeBooneCoverArt - Website 1 (2021.01


Former sheriff and current wanted fugitive on-the-run in Bayou South.

Trained By: John Henry

Skills: Incredible strength and durability; doesn't need to sleep, he recharges his energy throughout the day; expert with battle hammer and harpoon gun

Weapons: John Henry's battle hammer; harpoon gun 

Kill Phrase: "Boom Shaka Laka!" 

Vehicle of Choice: Airboat named Marengo

Home State: Bayou South in Arrowhead Nation 

Featured In: Roscoe Boone and Roscoe Boone for Kids 

Merch: T-shirt, Stickers

Roscoe Boone


Former sheriff and current National Scooterball League  (NSL) Superstar.

Trained By: Tony Beaver

Skills: Incredible speed and agility; unparalleled wit and creativity to solve all sorts of complex problems.

Weapons: Hidden blade; double-barrel shotgun; baseball bat 

Kill Phrase: "Loo-cha Slam!" 

Transportation of Choice: Scooter named Razzle-Dazzle

Home State: Capital East in Arrowhead Nation 

Featured In: Mack Sawyer and Mack Sawyer for Kids

Merch: Tshirts

Mack Sawyer
DakotaBriggs_WithBackground (2021.07.13).jpg


Rising star of Superior North.

Trained By: Axel Holt

Skills: Nerves of steel; deadly accurate and fast with a crossbow and throwing stars; full of courage. 

Weapons: Crossbow from Axel Holt; throwing stars from The Sparrow

Kill Phrases: "Skittles" and "Taste the Rainbow!" 

Companion: A Vizsla dog named Ragnar 

Home State: Superior North in Arrowhead Nation 

Featured In: Axel Holt and Axel Holt for Kids

Merch: Tshirts

Dakota Briggs
Zoe Wind Background.jpg


The hope of Skoldrun.

Trained By: Chieftain Wind and Shaman Dashkow

Skills: One of the fastest draws around, straight shooter, fearless leader, thunderbird caller 

Weapons: Kava and Kroov rune blasters

Kill Phrases: "Wahkeeyah!" 

Companions: Thunderbirds

Home State: Skybo in Skoldrun

Featured In: Zoë Wind 1

Merch: Coming Soon

Zoë Wind
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