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The Bounty Hunter of Superior North  

(Arrowhead Legends Book 1)

Axel Holt is Arrowhead Nation’s most notorious bounty hunter. The disgraced former sheriff of the nation’s northernmost state, Superior North, he now lives in exile. That is, until his goddaughter finds his secret hideout. The murder of his goddaughter’s father and a threat to Superior North’s governor by a powerful mafia boss propels Axel out from the shadows. Wielding his legendary axe and superhero combat abilities, Axel faces the fight of his life as he fends off the looming threat to his home state and struggles in his new parental role to his goddaughter. Will he be able to win back the respect of the people he once abandoned before he gets himself turned into Chop Suey?


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The Sheriff of Sierra West 

(Arrowhead Legends Book 2)

She’s the gun slinging, ATV riding, lasso wielding sheriff of Arrowhead Nation’s rough and tumble state of Sierra West. For Gabby Oaks, being a hard charging law enforcement officer comes with constant threats to her life. None bigger than the threat posed by the notorious desperados that make up The Rustlers gang. When Gabby discovers the gang is about to receive a massive amount of illegal drugs, she goes into overdrive to try to stop them in their quest to distribute the drugs throughout Arrowhead. While doing so, Gabby learns she is the target of an aggressive campaign from Arrowhead’s Supreme Leader to remove her as sheriff and toss her into prison. Faced with challenges from all angles, Gabby is thrown into the fight of her life to prevent the country she loves from being overrun with drugs and governed by devious politicians. Will she make it out of this one with her cowboy boots firmly planted on the ground, or will she be pushing up daisies?


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The Fugitive of Bayou South 

(Arrowhead Legends Book 3)

After being a fugitive-at-large for over a year, Roscoe Boone—the one-time sheriff of Arrowhead Nation’s state of Bayou South—is given an opportunity at redemption. But the opportunity will force him out of hiding and into the limelight, where he will have to win the brawler match of a lifetime for a chance to return to his former glory. With a cruel voodoo witch who will stop at nothing to thwart his path to redemption, Roscoe must use his battle hammer and special abilities to fend off the relentless witch and her deputies before his time runs out for good. 

Mack Sawyer Cover (2021.01.28).jpg

The Champion of Capital East 
(Arrowhead Legends Book 4)

The two-time reigning National Scooterball League champions, the Hawks of Capital East, are seeking a three-peat behind the exceptional scoot-and-shoot skills of their all-star player, Mack Sawyer. NSL new comer Huey Bombay of the Bayou South Crocs presents the biggest challenge for the Hawks after squashing their hopes for an undefeated regular season going into the playoffs.

Political events in Arrowhead Nation surrounding a rebellious opposition called the Rhubarb Slayers begins to overshadows the NSL playoffs as the group threatens to overthrow the country’s crooked regime led by SL20 and his formidable TMA Rangers. Sawyer and Bombay soon find themselves as fierce opponents, not only on the NSL rink but on opposing sides of the fight to save Arrowhead Nation. Who will come out on top in this winner-takes-all match that will decide the future of Arrowhead Nation?

Arrowhead Legends for Adults
Rocoe Boone Adult
Gabby Oaks Adults
Axel Holt Adults
Mack Sawyer
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