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This LEGENDS UNIVERSE website exclusive Pocketbook version of Buffalo-Man Book 1 is perfect for those collectors on the go who love the feel of a sturdy mini book in your pocket—always at the ready to read on your next big adventure!


ABOUT THE BOOK...BUFFALO-MAN BOOK 1: National Park Ranger Casey Clay plans to get in and out of a thankless temporary assignment on the outskirts of the seedy city of Chokecherry, North Dakota, on his way to a long-term placement as a permanent law enforcement park ranger. A run-in with a local retired federal agent sends him on a hunt for ruthless oilmen who will stop at nothing to keep oil flowing and money coming in. Entangling himself with several colorful Chokecherrians, Casey must decide if he’s willing to pursue an unusual career opportunity in Chokecherry, or if he’s going to cut bait and get out of North Dakota before it’s too late.If you enjoyed the suspense of John Sandford's Virgil Flowers series, you'll be on the edge of your seat while reading Joe Field's Buffalo-Man series.

Buffalo-Man 1: The Making of a Chokecherry Legend (Pocketbook)

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