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This LEGENDS UNIVERSE website exclusive Pocketbook version of Zoë Wind 1 is perfect for those collectors on the go who love the feel of a sturdy mini book in your pocket—always at the ready to read on your next big adventure!


LEGENDS UNIVERSE™ Presents: Book 3 of 3 in the Skoldrun Legends series. When a ruthless warlock and his formidable army break free from prison, the warlock unleashes his warriors with orders to destroy the world of Skoldrun as revenge for his imprisonment. Zoë Wind and her fellow chieftains are reeling from heavy losses during a recent civil war between the clans. With cold-blooded invaders knocking at their door, the clans must band together if they wish to put up a fighting chance. The warlock’s pursuit becomes personal when one of his biggest rivals from another world arrives and offers her help to Zoë and the citizens of Skoldrun. Will the clans’ teamwork and the newcomer’s arrival be enough to save them? Or will this warlock wipe away their entire existence? Find out in this third and final book in the Zoë Wind trilogy.

Zoë Wind 3: And the Fight to Save Skoldrun (Pocketbook)

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