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This LEGENDS UNIVERSE website exclusive Pocketbook version of Zoë Wind 2 is perfect for those collectors on the go who love the feel of a sturdy mini book in your pocket—always at the ready to read on your next big adventure!


LEGENDS UNIVERSE™ Presents: Book 2 of 3 in the Skoldrun Legends series. Zoë Wind is riding high following her takedown of Master Drocker Rex Timber in a dramatic duel in front of her clan. Timber’s death ended his quest to steal Skoldrun’s four runestaves. With her clan’s runestave securely in her possession, Zoë turns her attention to a budding romance with the chieftain of Tiflburg. That is, until Jaxon Pike, an emerging rival out of Razorton, pursues Zoë’s runestave with the hope of bringing his clan’s legendary cougars back and proclaiming himself as the ultimate leader of Skoldrun. Banding together with Tiflburg, Zoë is forced to fight the combined clans of Razorton and Pawtiki while she protects her runestave from an evil presence that lurks in the shadows eager to destroy Skoldrun.

Zoë Wind 2: And the Divided Clans of Skoldrun (Pocketbook)

SKU: dm4x4
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