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White Lies in Wisconsin Cover.jpg


(Cooper Smith Book 3)

When the governor of Wisconsin’s mistress is found dead of apparent suicide, a long-time political operative sets off a chain of events across the state in his quest for the governor’s throne in Madison. For Minnesota Public Radio reporter Cooper Smith, this is more than a hot story—the governor’s mistress was his coworker, and he suspects foul play. Dismissed by law enforcement, Smith makes it his personal mission to resolve the woman’s death and figure out who is behind all of the chaos in the Badger State—all the while trying to make it out before someone turns him into sliced cheddar.

Black Gold in North Dakota Cover.jpg


(Cooper Smith Book 2)

When the granddaughter of a prominent North Dakota state senator goes missing from her hometown of Williston, law enforcement has a couple leads on out-of-state roughneck oil workers – but with the holidays approaching and the trail growing cold, each day that passes decreases the chances that she will ever come home. Reporter Cooper Smith is chasing a story about the Bakken oil industry for Minnesota Public Radio when he learns that the missing woman is his wife’s best friend. Leaving the story behind, he puts his investigative skills to work to help rescue her. His pursuit takes him to the Deep South, where he learns that this may be one story too big for his Northern britches to come back from in one piece.

BROWN SUGAR in MINNESOTA (Cooper Smith Book 1)

When a ruthless drug dealer from Minneapolis murders his competitors in their own backyard, he triumphantly lays claim to the lucrative heroin networks on two Indian reservations in northern Minnesota. He seems all but unstoppable until Cooper Smith, a young, enthusiastic reporter, stumbles upon the story. Soon he is using his Minnesota Public Radio credentials and voice recorder to wage war against the dealer. For Cooper, the murder of a friend and the fear of being laid off push him to pursue the story despite enemy threats to make a homicide headline out of him.

Cooper Smith Series
White Lies in Wisconsin
Black Gold in North Dakota
Brown Sugar in Minnesota
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